ears wide cut • cfds invite Faye Fearon – 08.03.23

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bio cfds :

Paris, FR

Co-fondatrice du label de musique Aurore 404 et fondatrice de l’agence de booking You Should Be Dancing, c’est habituellement dans l’ombre que l’insaisissable cfds dévoue sa vie à sa passion, la musique électronique. Son univers musical navigue entre Électro, EBM, Breaks, UKG, Techno, Dark Disco, New Wave et Post-punk.

bio Faye Fearon :

Paris, FR & Liverpool, UK

Born in Liverpool and now living in Paris, Faye Fearon’s transition into French life has been heavily marked by music. Immersing herself with individuals who enjoy everything from Post-Punk and EBM to New Beat and Dark-Disco, her desire to dance is now dictated by an electronic blend of these sounds. In her set, she offers an entry narrative into this perfect kind of night – one that triggers sexual sensations for her body and mind.


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